St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We’re serving up traditional corned beef & cabbage, as well as colcannon, Bailey’s chocolate cupcakes, all natural shamrock sugar cookies, and green on everything we possibly can!

(p.s. we’ll see you on Saturday for your day-after brunch 😉 )

Pi Day

Special Pi Day hours, this Pi Day Tuesday only! 8am-3:14pm on Tuesday 3/14/17

Serving slices of Top 8 Free apple pie or gluten/grain-free french silk pie, oatmeal creme pie cupcakes, beverages and all of our regular sweet treats.

#pi #pie #pieareround

Closed for X-mas


Forego the will of the foods this Christmas and treat yo’self! If we’re gonna shame ourselves for eating all the cookies, at least they can be Top 8 Free and you’ll feel better while doing it! Print out the order form and drop it by. Or call us! Or email! Whatever floats your boat, we’re here to make your holiday safe and scrumptious.

We’ll see you on Wednesday. Til then, MERRY X-MAS FRIENDS!

National S’Mores Day

WE’RE BACK! Just in time for a very important ridiculous holiday: National S’mores Day!!! Dude. Have you had a gluten/corn/top 8 free s’mores yet? We make the graham crackers and marshmallows from scratch! Try it in cupcake form or go for the classic–we’ll toast that treat right in front of you!