Thanksgiving 2019 PreOrder

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The busiest pie season is upon us!! Call, stop by, or print and email this form to place your order before Saturday November 16th (when we stop taking orders!) to make sure you have your Thanksgiving pie, breads, and sides taken care of.

Thanksgiving PreOrder

PreOrder your Thanksgiving pies and sides by Saturday November 17th, so you’re not the angry one in the corner without a plate this holiday season. Email your order to or call 573-777-9980. Holla at us if you have additional dietary restrictions.

*Bonus* if you share with your fam, they won’t even know it’s allergen-friendly. *IF* you share.

**Also Bonus** Unbaked pies shells and gravy also available for pick-up on 11/21. Inquire within!

Order Thanksgiving Pies and Sides

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Order your gluten-free or top 8 free Thanksgiving pies, sides, and breads so you can stuff your face with the rest of ’em! Email your order form, or call or stop by.

Pumpkin, apple, or cherry pie; apple crisp; chocolate, lemon, or coconut cream pies; herbed stuffing bread, cheddar biscuits, herbed buns. Looking for other holiday dishes? Contact us at 573-777-9980 or and we’ll help you eat safely and #rangefreely this holiday season

Closed for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving…what a holiday for specialty diets, amiright?? If you need to bring along food to your family gathering, print out our order form or holla at us @ 573-777-9980. But do so by 11/21 so we can craft your fantastic dishes that all those normal people end up coveting. (Happens to me every time)

We hope you have a relaxing holiday and get to gorge yourself on something. We will spend Thursday and Friday with our feet on the table, drink in hand, nursing the burns and feels that come with making all of the pie.thanksgivingpreorder2016