Star Wars Takeover

chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate icing and chocolate candy DeathStar

That’s no moon…

Be the coolest kid on the block with a Star Wars themed treat that’s out of this galaxy. The whole pastry case is getting the Imperial treatment, as well as the menu, so hop in your Falcon and head to the only allergen-free cantina with the biggest nerds around.

Christmas Cookies & Pie & More

cookie & pie order form with picture of cookies and logo

Order your Christmas cookies, pies, and breads by Monday, 12/11 and receive 10% off your order!

Orders accepted until Monday 12/18. New this year: pre-made organic icing by the pound in several colors, natural or artificial, and unbaked cookie dough!

Email, stop by, or call your order in to 573-777-9980

Dairy Free Takeover

Dairy-free biscuits’n’gravy, y’all. Cuz it’s the freakin’ weekend of dairy-free takeover.

And the #waffles are always dairy-free. Or how about the d/f quiche? Biscuit sammich? We’re here to feed your allergen-free tummy–we’ll see you soon :*

Dairy-Free Takeover!

All the glory of brunch with none of the cow milk. Join us for dairy-free biscuit sammiches, biscuits’n’gravy, waffles, gooey butter cakes, quiche, and a pastry case full of d/f treats!

Pi Day

Special Pi Day hours, this Pi Day Tuesday only! 8am-3:14pm on Tuesday 3/14/17

Serving slices of Top 8 Free apple pie or gluten/grain-free french silk pie, oatmeal creme pie cupcakes, beverages and all of our regular sweet treats.

#pi #pie #pieareround