Christmas Cookies & Pie & More

cookie & pie order form with picture of cookies and logo

Order your Christmas cookies, pies, and breads by Monday, 12/11 and receive 10% off your order!

Orders accepted until Monday 12/18. New this year: pre-made organic icing by the pound in several colors, natural or artificial, and unbaked cookie dough!

Email, stop by, or call your order in to 573-777-9980

First Friday Free Hot Chocolate

dairy-free hot chocolate and whipped cream with marshmallows and fudge sauce
Hot chocolate and cupcake

Enjoy First Friday in the North Village Arts District–a free, family-friendly event!

In conjunction with Living Windows, range free is providing Top 8 Free hot chocolate! Shop our many holiday and best-selling treats to fuel your trek around The District

Dairy-free takeover September

"No" sign over cow

Dairy-free takeover–the last Saturday of every month! Get your favorite brunch items–biscuits’n’gravy, biscuit sammiches, and this Saturday: pumpkin #waffles topped with holiday spice and glaze–all dairy-free!

Dedicated and always gluten/wheat-free, peanut-free, tree-nut* free, fish & shellfish-free.


*Yo! we use coconut flour on the reg. The FDA classifies this botanical seed as a tree nut, even though it’s totes a seed. But if you have a coconut allergy, let us know! We’ll find a menu item free of coconut for you. :*

First Friday Happy Hour 4-7pm

pint glass filled with rootbeer and ice cream
Dairy-free rootbeer float

Not ready for summer to end? Neither are we. Indulge with us on rootbeer floats, chocolate and vanilla milkshakes, and a case full of sweets–all dairy-free! (And of course, gluten and Top 8 Free. No corn syrup, either!)

We’ll make yours to order this First Friday Happy Hour, 4-7pm, while supplies last!

National Doughnut Day

Like we even need a holiday to eat more donuts?! But heck yeah! It’s First Friday in the North Village Arts District, so we’re open late, cranking out donuts as fast as you can eat them!

We’ll have all the flavors…of the…rainbow? Plus live music! See you soon!

Dairy Free Takeover

Dairy-free biscuits’n’gravy, y’all. Cuz it’s the freakin’ weekend of dairy-free takeover.

And the #waffles are always dairy-free. Or how about the d/f quiche? Biscuit sammich? We’re here to feed your allergen-free tummy–we’ll see you soon :*

Dairy-Free Takeover!

All the glory of brunch with none of the cow milk. Join us for dairy-free biscuit sammiches, biscuits’n’gravy, waffles, gooey butter cakes, quiche, and a pastry case full of d/f treats!

Dairy-Free Mardi Gras Takeover

king cake
king cake

Laissez les bon temps rouler! Let the Good Times Roll!

We’re taking over the takeover with Mardi Gras celebrations of New Orleans-inspired brunch items, Top 8 Free King Cake, music, and of course, beads!
Get the king cake piece with the baby in it and you get a free treat–better yet, order a whole one for your Fat Tuesday celebrations!