National Batman Day

four layers of moist, dense cake filled with rich chocolate icing and topped with chocolate ganache

IT’S NATIONAL BATMAN DAY! Why are we excited? Well, Batman, duh. Pluuusss our Holy Chocolate Cake, Batman is on secret sale!! Riddle us this, who is your favorite Batman? Come by today and tell us, and you’ll get some cash monies off your slice of cake (you won’t know until you tell us, we’ve got a secret value system 🙂 But if you play your Joker cards right, you can get up to $2.00 off/slice!)

#batmanday #theherowedeserve #darkknight

Father’s Day Brunch 2018

Cartoon slice of chocolate cake "How do I like my eggs? a cake"

Beat the Sunday rush and join us for Saturday Father’s Day brunch! We’re doubling down on the meat, with maple bacon donuts, biscuits’n’gravy galore, pig cookies, and the popular Farm-to-Tummy special, featuring all of our favorite local farms. (don’t worry, we’ve got plenty for vegan/top 8 allergic dads, too)

Let them EAT CAKE!

triple chocolate cake
Let them eat cake!

Need a reason to eat cake and celebrate rebellion? We got you.

Stop in for a slice of Holy Chocolate Cake, Batman! or a cupcake, or go all out with one the many French pastries we’re whipping up for a cause. We’re donating 10% of sweets sales to the ACLU — bon appetit!

City Garden Fundraiser Cake Competition

range free wedding cake

Tickets available for this one-of-a-kind fundraising event via where Anna will display her Fanciful Fable sculpted cake and serve cake samples along with Mid-Missouri’s finest cake creators.
Food, beverages, cakes, and costumes–you won’t want to miss it!