Easter + Local Food Progressive Brunch

Cartoon slice of chocolate cake "How do I like my eggs? Um...in a cake"

Hop on down to the North Village Arts District for a quadruple threat of a good Saturday. Everything Easter served up with brunch specials of egg salad, deviled eggs, and the cutest chicken/bunny/lamb desserts around.

Tour the “Progressive Brunch” of NVAD and support hyper-local products at Fretboard, good food co., range free, and DrinKraft. Participate in a free scavenger hunt, and learn from local food producing organizations such as Columbia Community Urban Agriculture and Native Plants & More!

Father’s Day Brunch 2018

Cartoon slice of chocolate cake "How do I like my eggs? Um...in a cake"

Beat the Sunday rush and join us for Saturday Father’s Day brunch! We’re doubling down on the meat, with maple bacon donuts, biscuits’n’gravy galore, pig cookies, and the popular Farm-to-Tummy special, featuring all of our favorite local farms. (don’t worry, we’ve got plenty for vegan/top 8 allergic dads, too)


#wafflebar text over plated waffle with butter pat and maple syrup

Our gluten-free and Top 8 Free #waffle will make your mouth and tummy sing — and today you can load it up with mix-ins and toppings of your choice!

Order with any of your favorite mix-ins (chocolate chips, blueberries, even bacon!) and pile it high with toppings, served with endless pure maple syrup and butter or non-dairy butter

Dairy-free takeover September

"No" sign over cow

Dairy-free takeover–the last Saturday of every month! Get your favorite brunch items–biscuits’n’gravy, biscuit sammiches, and this Saturday: pumpkin #waffles topped with holiday spice and glaze–all dairy-free!

Dedicated and always gluten/wheat-free, peanut-free, tree-nut* free, fish & shellfish-free.


*Yo! we use coconut flour on the reg. The FDA classifies this botanical seed as a tree nut, even though it’s totes a seed. But if you have a coconut allergy, let us know! We’ll find a menu item free of coconut for you. :*

Father’s Day Brunch

biscuits and gravy
B’n’G: always a Dad Fave

Pile on the (allergen-free!) meat this Father’s Day. We’ll have all the favorites: biscuits’n’gravy, Meaty Hash, and maple bacon donuts (plus plenty of options for the non-meat-atarian Dad!)

Dairy Free Takeover

Dairy-free biscuits’n’gravy, y’all. Cuz it’s the freakin’ weekend of dairy-free takeover.

And the #waffles are always dairy-free. Or how about the d/f quiche? Biscuit sammich? We’re here to feed your allergen-free tummy–we’ll see you soon :*

Dairy-Free Takeover!

All the glory of brunch with none of the cow milk. Join us for dairy-free biscuit sammiches, biscuits’n’gravy, waffles, gooey butter cakes, quiche, and a pastry case full of d/f treats!

Welcome Back, Students!

CoMO ain’t so quite anymore! We’re welcoming all students back this Saturday for brunch–get 10% off your purchases just by showing us your student ID! Biscuit sammiches, quiche, #waffles, and a #blackandgold #hash by our own #hashmasterflash!

See you for brunch, 10-2!