Christmas Cookies & Pie & More

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Order your Christmas cookies, pies, and breads by Monday, 12/11 and receive 10% off your order!

Orders accepted until Monday 12/18. New this year: pre-made organic icing by the pound in several colors, natural or artificial, and unbaked cookie dough!

Email, stop by, or call your order in to 573-777-9980

Order Thanksgiving Pies and Sides

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Order your gluten-free or top 8 free Thanksgiving pies, sides, and breads so you can stuff your face with the rest of ’em! Email your order form, or call or stop by.

Pumpkin, apple, or cherry pie; apple crisp; chocolate, lemon, or coconut cream pies; herbed stuffing bread, cheddar biscuits, herbed buns. Looking for other holiday dishes? Contact us at 573-777-9980 or and we’ll help you eat safely and #rangefreely this holiday season