Dining out for Animals

white and striped cat licking pink icing from face and whiskers
Dining out for Animals

Join us on Wednesday April 25th for Dining out for Animals 2018, benefiting the Central Missouri Humane Society! 10% of our sales will go to saving animals in central Missouri, plus we’ll have fun animal-themed treats and noms!

Learn more about CMHS at https://www.cmhspets.org/

The Secrets of Baking Allergen-Free

Learn the secrets of cooking and baking allergen-free! This class will introduce you to alternative flours, cooking substitutions and successful kitchen practices. Learn how ingredients behave, experiment with new alternatives and problem solve in the kitchen to avoid costly flops. Class held at Range Free, $74. Register online with Columbia Area Career Center!

Register for class here: https://cacc.asapconnected.com/ClassDetail.aspx?pk=1001926

and check out the buzz on Facebook here!: https://www.facebook.com/events/707775682759798/permalink/710105099193523/?notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&notif_id=1516149419990940

Takin’ a breather — Closed

beach scene "Closed...7/23-8/1
Closed for Vacation!

We’re taking advantage of everyone else being on vacation, so we will too! Stock up on your faves before 7/22. We’ll reopen on Wednesday August 2nd ready to feed your beautiful allergen-free faces! :*

Closed for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving…what a holiday for specialty diets, amiright?? If you need to bring along food to your family gathering, print out our order form or holla at us @ 573-777-9980. But do so by 11/21 so we can craft your fantastic dishes that all those normal people end up coveting. (Happens to me every time)

We hope you have a relaxing holiday and get to gorge yourself on something. We will spend Thursday and Friday with our feet on the table, drink in hand, nursing the burns and feels that come with making all of the pie.thanksgivingpreorder2016