Located at 110 Orr St. in the North Village Arts District of Columbia, Missouri, range free is an allergen-free bakery and café dedicated to serving Mid-Missouri’s special dietary needs. Dedicated wheat, peanut, fish, shellfish free, and without tree nuts*, the menu and customizable desserts at range free are safe, convenient, and delicious!

Our Mission, at range free, is to provide quality and convenient safe-foods to the food-allergic and specialty diet population of Columbia and Mid-MO. With the safety of being dedicated wheat/peanut/tree nut* free, the convenience of eating out or eating on the run is no longer an inconvenience. As the only dining establishment in Missouri catering to the intricate food-allergic population, convenience, accessibility, and trust coupled with expertise, experience, and versatility ensures each diet a safe and wholesome meal.

*Tree nuts are not used at range free, however the FDA classifies coconut as a tree nut, although botanically it is not, and it is used in some of our products. Some of our gluten-free flours are processed in a facility that also processes nut flours. After nut processing, the machines are thoroughly cleaned, the first 30 lbs of non-nut flours are disposed (donated), and the remaining product is tested. Please ask if you have any questions!

  • November 28 - November 29

    CLOSED for Thanksgiving recovery

    Our dogs are barkin’ So we’re spending the next two days with family and friends — we hope you are, too! See you on Saturday for Small Business Saturday!

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range free

What are your tips for a safe and happy Thanksgiving? We like to include a list of ingredients for dishes at potlucks
P.S. we're extending the deadline *on select items* for Thanksgiving noms!What are your Thanksgiving plans this year? If you’re spending the holiday with family or friends, check out these tips to make sure Thanksgiving is fun and safe for everyone! https://www.foodallergy.org/about-fare/blog/thanksgiving-gatherings-with-food-allergies

What are your tips for a safe and happy Thanksgiving? We like to include a list of ingredients for dishes at potlucks
P.S. were extending the deadline *on select items* for Thanksgiving noms!

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Southwestern hash with wilted greens, minestrone, biscuit sammiches, & waffles galore for your beautiful game day Saturday! ...

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Range free supports local, whole foods and small businesses in the Columbia, MO area. We are excited to share these businesses with you that help make range free a healthy and wholesome place to eat.

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